June Newsletter: Year-End Wrap-up

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As we roll into the high-season, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a truly incredible year of off-season programming at ACE MV. Since September, we’ve supported over 200 students through Career Exploration cohort-learning programs, including community college coursework and workforce training, as well as School for Offseason Survival (SOS) workshops and professional development offerings. We introduced our very first Brazilian Portuguese Teacher Training program, and served the Island business community with customized classes including human-relations and leadership support, financial literacy and language classes.

At the beginning of the month we were thrilled to be able to celebrate our students with an end-of-the-year party at Nomans. This was an opportunity to be together as a community of learners, as well as hear from and celebrate our wonderful program coordinators and facilitators. Read on to learn more about what each cohort has accomplished this year.

We feel lucky to work with such a wonderful team of facilitators and to serve our dedicated community of learners on MV. We’re already excited about new programs and classes we’ll be launching this fall, but until then — we’ll see you at the beach!

Alex Bullen Coutts
Executive Director, ACE MV

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

From Program Coordinator Garrett Burt:

Launching in January of this year, our Small Business and Entrepreneurial Management Cohort, presented in partnership with Bristol Community College, successfully completed its inaugural semester in May. Our students excelled in classes that included Quickbooks, Personal Finance, and Principles of Management. Future semesters will include classes on Marketing, Sales, and Accounting, to name just a few. We look forward to our students’ continued achievements in this program and beyond!

Career Explorations: Language Access

From Program Facilitator Izadora Santos:

In my role as a program facilitator of The Art of Medical Interpretation, Advanced Note-Taking, and Interpreting In Mental Health classes, guiding our students through this journey has been a privilege. One of the highlights was our in-person study night, which provided an opportunity for in-depth learning and fostered a sense of community and friendship among all of us.

We organized a Zoom class focused on post-course opportunities, providing valuable insights into potential career paths and further education. This session was designed to help students confidently navigate their next steps, armed with the skills and knowledge they acquired during the program. The combination of specialized training, community-building activities, and continuous support has prepared our participants to excel in their future endeavors, particularly as medical health interpreters, mental health interpreters, and specialists in note-taking.

See more of Izadora’s reflections here.

Career Explorations: Wellness Workforce

From Program Facilitator Laura Edelman:

Since January, I’ve had the pleasure to work with participants in this program. I was inspired by the motivation, curiosity and engagement of the program participants. I want to give a big shout out and congratulations to the Wellness Workforce students who successfully completed CNA training in partnership with Upper Cape Tech in Bourne! These hard-working adult learners attended Zoom classes several nights a week and traveled off island for clinical hours, many while also working full-time and taking care of family members.

I am also grateful to the nurses, doctors, lab technicians, hospital administrative staff, counselors and other healthcare professionals who came to our cohort meetings and spoke about their professional experiences. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge while offering support and encouragement to the students.

Photo by Eunki Seonwoo for MV Times. Left to right: MVCS early childhood program director, student Panecia Daniels and Oliver Osnoss, Cape Cod Community College liaison Deborah Maher, students Sayra Guimaraes, Avery Miner, and Sabrina Scott, and MVCS family childcare network coordinator Joanne Lambert.

Career Explorations: Early Childhood Education (English)

From Program Facilitator Deb Maher:

This program has grown from 10 members in 2022, to 25 active students taking courses and working towards differing individual goals. One of the most rewarding aspects of our ECE Cohort is the rich diversity of our students in terms of ages/stages, backgrounds, experiences, interests, needs, and goals. That helps make the program an enriching learning experience for all of us.

This collaborative project has involved working together with ACE MV, a grant from West Chop Foundation, MV Community Services Early Childhood Programs, and 4Cs, to help grow and develop our needed workforce to help educate and support our children and families here on the Vineyard. We are grateful for the many contributions of all our collaborative colleagues.

See more of Deb’s reflections here.

Career Explorations: Early Childhood Education (Portuguese)

From Program Facilitator Sayra Guimaraes:

As a Portuguese facilitator, I’ve had an amazing experience bridging conversations between colleges, professors, and students. My role involved facilitating effective communication in Portuguese, ensuring clarity and understanding among all parties. Whether it was translating academic materials, aiding in discussions, or clarifying complex concepts, I played a crucial part in fostering a productive educational environment.

This experience has been incredibly rewarding, as I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact of clear communication on academic success and collaboration. It has also sharpened my language skills and deepened my appreciation for the importance of effective communication in educational settings. I really appreciate ACE MV for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing program and be able to connect and make new friends for life.