June Newsletter: Year-End Wrap-up

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As we roll into the high-season, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a truly incredible year of off-season programming at ACE MV. Since September, we’ve supported over 200 students through Career Exploration cohort-learning programs, including community college coursework and workforce training, as well as School for Offseason Survival (SOS) workshops and professional development offerings. We introduced our very first Brazilian Portuguese Teacher Training program, and served the Island business community with customized classes including human-relations and leadership support, financial literacy and language classes.

At the beginning of the month we were thrilled to be able to celebrate our students with an end-of-the-year party at Nomans. This was an opportunity to be together as a community of learners, as well as hear from and celebrate our wonderful program coordinators and facilitators. Read on to learn more about what each cohort has accomplished this year.

We feel lucky to work with such a wonderful team of facilitators and to serve our dedicated community of learners on MV. We’re already excited about new programs and classes we’ll be launching this fall, but until then — we’ll see you at the beach!

Alex Bullen Coutts
Executive Director, ACE MV

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

From Program Coordinator Garrett Burt:

Launching in January of this year, our Small Business and Entrepreneurial Management Cohort, presented in partnership with Bristol Community College, successfully completed its inaugural semester in May. Our students excelled in classes that included Quickbooks, Personal Finance, and Principles of Management. Future semesters will include classes on Marketing, Sales, and Accounting, to name just a few. We look forward to our students’ continued achievements in this program and beyond!

Career Explorations: Language Access

From Program Facilitator Izadora Santos:

In my role as a program facilitator of The Art of Medical Interpretation, Advanced Note-Taking, and Interpreting In Mental Health classes, guiding our students through this journey has been a privilege. One of the highlights was our in-person study night, which provided an opportunity for in-depth learning and fostered a sense of community and friendship among all of us.

We organized a Zoom class focused on post-course opportunities, providing valuable insights into potential career paths and further education. This session was designed to help students confidently navigate their next steps, armed with the skills and knowledge they acquired during the program. The combination of specialized training, community-building activities, and continuous support has prepared our participants to excel in their future endeavors, particularly as medical health interpreters, mental health interpreters, and specialists in note-taking.

See more of Izadora’s reflections here.

Career Explorations: Wellness Workforce

From Program Facilitator Laura Edelman:

Since January, I’ve had the pleasure to work with participants in this program. I was inspired by the motivation, curiosity and engagement of the program participants. I want to give a big shout out and congratulations to the Wellness Workforce students who successfully completed CNA training in partnership with Upper Cape Tech in Bourne! These hard-working adult learners attended Zoom classes several nights a week and traveled off island for clinical hours, many while also working full-time and taking care of family members.

I am also grateful to the nurses, doctors, lab technicians, hospital administrative staff, counselors and other healthcare professionals who came to our cohort meetings and spoke about their professional experiences. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge while offering support and encouragement to the students.

Photo by Eunki Seonwoo for MV Times. Left to right: MVCS early childhood program director, student Panecia Daniels and Oliver Osnoss, Cape Cod Community College liaison Deborah Maher, students Sayra Guimaraes, Avery Miner, and Sabrina Scott, and MVCS family childcare network coordinator Joanne Lambert.

Career Explorations: Early Childhood Education (English)

From Program Facilitator Deb Maher:

This program has grown from 10 members in 2022, to 25 active students taking courses and working towards differing individual goals. One of the most rewarding aspects of our ECE Cohort is the rich diversity of our students in terms of ages/stages, backgrounds, experiences, interests, needs, and goals. That helps make the program an enriching learning experience for all of us.

This collaborative project has involved working together with ACE MV, a grant from West Chop Foundation, MV Community Services Early Childhood Programs, and 4Cs, to help grow and develop our needed workforce to help educate and support our children and families here on the Vineyard. We are grateful for the many contributions of all our collaborative colleagues.

See more of Deb’s reflections here.

Career Explorations: Early Childhood Education (Portuguese)

From Program Facilitator Sayra Guimaraes:

As a Portuguese facilitator, I’ve had an amazing experience bridging conversations between colleges, professors, and students. My role involved facilitating effective communication in Portuguese, ensuring clarity and understanding among all parties. Whether it was translating academic materials, aiding in discussions, or clarifying complex concepts, I played a crucial part in fostering a productive educational environment.

This experience has been incredibly rewarding, as I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact of clear communication on academic success and collaboration. It has also sharpened my language skills and deepened my appreciation for the importance of effective communication in educational settings. I really appreciate ACE MV for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing program and be able to connect and make new friends for life.

May Newsletter: program updates and more

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Sunny days, spring blossoms and the reopening of restaurants are all signs that we made it through another Island winter and the summer season is right around the corner!

Here at ACE we have been busy preparing for the first round of the CAMP! (Community Apprenticeship & Mentorship Program) summer internship program, with a variety of opportunities with local employer partners!

  • Opportunities for high school students, college students, young professionals (20-30s), and beyond!
  • All internships are paid, including professional development opportunities through workshops and seminars, as well as other employer perks.
  • Many opportunities have flexible start dates and are part-time!

Scroll on to learn more and see other program updates!

Wishing you a happy spring!

The ACE MV Team

Upcoming Classes

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CAMP! Summer Internships

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Program Highlights

Earlier this month ACE MV’s Language Access Cohort gathered together to explore the art of medical interpretation while enjoying some sweet treats at Haven.

The ACE MV cohort learning model cultivates a sense of community between students and program facilitators, providing the opportunity to gather, learn from each other & build a professional network!

A special thanks to Izadora Santos, our Language Access Program facilitator.

Come visit us at the Climate Action Fair on Sunday, May 19th!

Stop by to say hi to Garrett and Jeni, learn about upcoming programming and learning opportunities & pick up some ACE swag!

April Newsletter: program updates and more!

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Spring is in the air! With warmer temperatures comes a shift in energy on the Island, and while we’re eagerly awaiting the buzz of high season (and beach days!) we’re already feeling a bit nostalgic for those expansive, reflective off-season vibes.

Luckily, you’ll have a few more opportunities to dig into some School for Offseason Survival (SOS) courses and workshops. See below for updates and upcoming events.

The big news around ACE is our newest program: CAMP! (Community Apprenticeship & Mentorship Program.) With a pilot season labunching this summer, we can’t wait to connect employer partners with high school students and young professionals for meaningful internship and apprenticeship experiences. Questions about CAMP? Looking for an intern or internship? Read on or email Sonja at sonja@acemv.org to learn more!

Happy Spring!

– The ACE MV Team (Alex, Jeni, Courtney, Garrett & Sonja)

Full Upcoming Class Lineup

Keep scrolling for more information about upcoming classes



Keep an eye on this page for full listings of upcoming classes!

Upcoming Class Spotlights

TOMORROW! There’s still time to register!

with Barbara Bellissimo

Are you ready to let go of the fear of asking for what you need as an entrepreneur?

This upcoming pop-up with Barbara Bellissimo will help you uncover the inner confidence needed to take the next steps to get what you need to start or grow your business!

We asked Barbara about her background and experience and learned some fun things about her…

Barbara has a rich background in marketing, fundraising and entrepreneurship in both the private and nonprofit sectors. Her work in the private sector involved leading marketing teams at Apple and several internet service providers, including being a co-founder of Privada, a global internet privacy services company. In the nonprofit world Barbara has provided strategic consulting, program management and fundraising services, as well as served as the founding executive director for two community foundations.

“As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I know how hard it is to ask for help. It took me decades to get over my fears of asking, and I don’t want others to have to wait that long.”

When not creating a new cohort of superheroes, you can find Barbara making art, knitting, sitting on the beach or indulging in pretty much anything with bacon in it.



with Maria Angela Moreira

April 4-May 16 IN PERSON

Are you interested in learning Brazilian Portuguese?

Join our 6-week Conversation Basics for Beginners class to learn the essentials for everyday conversation, including greetings, getting to know someone, and sharing a bit about yourself. You will also learn bits and pieces about the Brazilian culture along the way! Instructor: Maria Angela Moreira, founder of Moreira Education Solutions.

This class is intended for beginners.



with Jim Curran

April 10, April 24, May 8 (Hybrid)


Are you looking to be proactive with your summer income and finally put a system in place that helps you prepare for the seasonality of life on the Vineyard? ACE-MV invites you to join us on April 10th, 24th and May 8th, for a three-part financial wellness workshop offering a step-by-step approach for budgeting, debt reduction, credit repair and long-term saving strategies.

Guided on your financial journey by Jim Curran, Financial Know-How Program Manager from Cape Cod 5, you will learn simple and effective (but not always easy) habits we can all put in place to take control of our financial wellbeing.

This class is a FREE offering in partnership with Cape Cod 5!



The ACE MV Wellness Workforce Spring 2024 is up and running. A dedicated group of students meets for monthly cohort meetings and weekly Zoom sessions, led by fabulous cohort facilitator Laura Edelman. Students are pursuing independent or group coursework and training, including a Medical Terminology course at Cape Cod Community College, CNA training at Upper Cape Tech, and a new Community Health Worker Training hosted in partnership with CCAPE. Many thanks to our partners at MV Hospital and Island Health Care for helping to support this group of future health-care professionals!

Interested in learning more about the ACE MV Wellness Workforce career explorations program? Contact Laura at laura@acemv.org.

CAREER EXPLORATIONS: Language & Interpretation

In partnership with CAP (Community Ambassador Partnership) and CCCI (Cross Cultural Communications Inc.) the ACE MV Language & Interpretation cohort brings trainings, community support and professional development to bilingual Brazilian Portuguese-English speakers on MV.

Learn more on our website or contact Izadora Santos at izadora@acemv.org.


For the second year, ACE MV is supporting students pursuing education and certification in Early Childhood Education, in partnership with Cape Cod Community College and with support from MV Community Services.

If you are interested in beginning a career in early childhood education, or have questions about the program, please contact Deborah Maher at deb@acemv.org

ACE MV is hoping to once again partner with Fitchburg State College to offer a hybrid-model Master’s in Education program. We are seeking feedback and interest from current and aspiring Island educators.

If you might be interested in joining a cohort of Island students in the Fitchburg MA in Curriculum and Teaching program, please email Courtney Daly at courtney@acemv.org.

CAREER EXPLORATIONS: Small Business & Entrepreneurship

The ACE MV cohort of students participating in the Bristol Community College small business certificate program are well into their first semester of coursework. Classes will continue through summer of 2025.

ACE MV will offer a second certificate program beginning in Fall of 2025. If you are interested in Computer Programming, Information Technology or Web Design and would like to provide feedback about upcoming certificate programs, please contact Garrett Burt at garrett@acemv.org.

CAMP: Community Apprenticeship & Mentorship Program

ACE MV’s pilot study of the new Community Apprenticeship & Mentorship Program is now underway! The mission of CAMP! is to cultivate enriching career development & mentorship opportunities for all Martha’s Vineyard community members, with a particular focus on young adults. The 2024 pilot program goals include the development of a summer internship program working with employer partners across the Island, as well as the creation of long-term apprenticeship opportunities for community members.

Keep your eye out for more internship/apprenticeship postings coming soon on the CAMP! website!

March Newsletter: program updates, upcoming workshops, pop-ups, and more!

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March 2024 Newsletter

Happy March! 

As we’re all rounding the corner from deep off-season to seeing the light of longer days ahead, we thought we’d pop into your inbox and share some of the exciting opportunities planned at SOS: the School for Off-Season Survival.

Is now the time to get your summer ducks in a row, with a new website or newsletter refresh? Maybe, with tax season underway, you’ve got nothing but bookkeeping on the brain?

Or maybe you’ve been hearing a call to Mind Your Creative Business?!

Whatever your late-winter inspiration may be, we’ve got you covered. Read on for course and workshop info, registration details and more. There’s just enough time to dig in to one last off-season project or pre-summer goal.

Here’s to the home-stretch!

The ACE MV team