Bristol Community College
Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Certificate Program

Offered in partnership with ACE MV, the Bristol Community College Small Business & Entrepreneurship Certificate Program is a 32-credit college program that introduces students to small business and entrepreneurship skills. Offered over three semesters, the program is part-time and will allow working adults to pursue advanced studies in business while operating their own small businesses and other professional pursuits.

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Small Business Pathway

On the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, small business owners often emerge by necessity. At ACE MV it is our goal to offer classes, workshops, resources and partnerships to provide Islanders with an opportunity to develop the small business skills required to grow and sustain local businesses built around the industries, trades, crafts and skills they already possess. 

For small business owners, managers, employees, or any community members looking to develop the skills necessary to running a small business, we offer small business support classes through the School for Offseason Survival

For learners interested in pursuing a longer-term, academic business certificate track, we offer an 18-month Small Business certificate program in partnership with Bristol Community College. This program is tuition-free and paid for by federal funding from a Congressional earmark from Congressman William Keating.