In my role as a program facilitator of the Art of Medical Interpretation, Advanced Note-Taking, and Interpreting in Mental Health classes, guiding our students through this process journey has been a privilege. I had the pleasure of personally meeting all of them when distributing the course materials, which allowed us to establish a connection from the start. One of the highlights was our study night, which included a wonderful dinner. This event provided an opportunity for in-depth learning and fostered a sense of community and friendship among them. The informal setting encouraged open discussions and strengthened the bonds between students and me.

To maintain continuous communication, we set up a WhatsApp group. This platform enabled us to stay connected daily, share important updates, and support each other throughout the program. The group was vital for fostering a collaborative learning environment and ensuring everyone felt engaged and supported. Additionally, we organized a Zoom class focused on post-course opportunities, providing valuable insights into potential career paths and further education. This session was designed to help students confidently navigate their next steps, armed with the skills and knowledge they acquired during the program. The combination of specialized training, community-building activities, and continuous support has prepared our participants to excel in their future endeavors, particularly as medical health interpreters, mental health interpreters, and specialists in note-taking.