ACE MV: Adult & Community Education is the Island’s home for lifelong learning, community networking and peer and mentor-based support.

By strengthening the Island’s community of learners and learning resources, we are working towards building a secure, sustainable, and fulfilling future for all Island residents.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, ACE MV works in close partnership with local and regional schools, agencies and higher-ed institutions to fulfill education and employment needs for individuals and professionals. We are funded by state, federal and private grants; tuition (which we always strive to keep affordable); by funding from the six Island towns; and by donations from year-round residents, summer residents, and Island-lovers worldwide, eager to support the future of a healthful community and thriving Vineyard economy.

Through our pathway programs, cohort models, training modules and workshop series and community networking events, we connect adult learners (18+) with meaningful career opportunities, continuing education, relevant skills, enrichment courses and one-on-one navigational counseling. Whether you are considering a job or a career, have an interest in the trades or teaching, healthcare or creative small business, we are here to support your personal growth, educational goals, and professional development.

We believe that not every career path is linear, and “not all those who wander are lost.”

Learn more about our program model and cohort learning or contact us to make your next best move today!

About the Martha’s Vineyard Community College Consortium

In 2022, ACE MV launched a pilot program to build relationships between adult Island learners — particularly post-secondary students — and nearby community colleges. Generously supported by a group of private donors and the MVCCC Advisory Council, the pilot year saw the launch of our Early Childhood Education cohort, which then served as the model for many of our Cohort Learning Programs. With revitalized relationships with area colleges including Cape Cod Community College and Bristol Community College, ACE MV is now eager to expand the consortium to include other schools and training providers, introduce new programming and provide more staff available to support students with academic and career pathway advising.

If you are interested in becoming a MVCCC Founder, Sponsor, Partner or Donor — please contact Jeni at today!

Our Vision

We envision an Island community full of opportunities for meaningful employment, a thriving workforce and a healthful economy, made possible by access to education, credentialing, and career exploration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower year-round Vineyard residents by providing equitable access to higher education, workforce training, community-building and career navigation support.



“This [engineering hoisting license] means so much to my career here on the island.”

“ACE is a magnificent resource on the Vineyard and we are lucky to have such variety and expertise available locally.”

“Our instructors were fantastic – very knowledgeable, very approachable.”

“What a godsend to have college credit courses on MV.”

“ACE MV is perfect for the working person. I’ve been able to pursue higher education and continue working.”

“ACE MV goes above and beyond with their continued support for the M.Ed. students.”

MEREDITH G., Graduate of ACE MV's Masters of Education program in partnership with Fitchburg State University
“I praise the folks at ACE MV for making continuing education courses so readily available and easy for Island businesses and their employees. It can be hard to commit the time and money to achieving certain goals and the credentials that are so very important to the safety of the workplace and to the issues of liability in construction. The courses I’ve taken and the professional licensure I’ve received as a result of those classes have been invaluable.”


The Impact of Ace MV


In 2022, we prepared 125 Vineyarders to earn certificates or licenses; 22 earned graduate credits


In 2022, 323 students enrolled in learning opportunities with their neighbors and colleagues.


Since our 2008 inception, we’ve offered 1,287 classes and programs to Islanders.


We’ve served 8,343 Vineyard residents with classes and programming since we opened.