At ACE MV it is our mission to help Islanders access higher education coursework, workforce training and pathways to meaningful employment. 

Our Career Exploration cohort learning programs offer opportunities to combine in-person learning, community networking and professional development with tuition-supported training and coursework in a variety of thriving Island industries. 

Each Career Exploration program includes:

  • Regular (bi-weekly or monthly) meetings with industry leaders and professionals
  • Dedicated program facilitator/advisor
  • Tuition support for related coursework and training 
  • ACE MV career counseling/job placement support 
  • Wraparound services (i.e. childcare & transportation support)
  • ACE MV Career Explorations Certificate of Completion



Career Exploration programs vary somewhat in length and commitment, but generally speaking, programs last the length of an academic semester, with cohorts starting in September and January. 

Participants are expected to attend one in-person meeting each month. These meetings will provide opportunities to hear from panels of industry professionals, network with potential employers, learn about professional development opportunities, and more. 

Additionally, participants will learn about and may choose to enroll in related coursework or training during the course of the program semester. These trainings and courses will come with additional commitments and expectations, ranging from day-long workshops to semester-long college-credit courses. 

Dedicated program facilitators are available to assist participants throughout the semester during weekly office hours.

All Career Explorations programs are free of charge to Island residents. 

With the support of community and state grant funding and private donations, ACE MV is able to provide a limited amount of tuition support to participants for related coursework and training in each Career Exploration program. 

Wraparound services – including meals during monthly meetings, transportation, childcare, books, materials,  test preparation and exam fees and more – are also included in each program, free of charge. 

  • Community: Joining a Career Explorations cohort gives you access to a community of peers and industry professionals. We understand that nothing is more important in helping participants find their way towards a fulfilling career than creating an opportunity for personal connection. 
  • Tuition Support: Thanks to our many generous sponsors and donors, ACE is able to offer tuition assistance for a variety of industry-related coursework, including college-credit classes with community college partners and workforce training programs. 
  • Wraparound Services: It is our goal to remove as many barriers to success as possible for all participants. We offer meals during meetings, support in paying for childcare during meeting times, transportation stipends, exam fee assistance and more. 
  • Dedicated Facilitator: The cornerstone of our programs is the role of the dedicated facilitator. The facilitator serves as a point-person for all participants and is able to answer questions about trainings, educational opportunities, and pathways to employment.
  • Certificate of Completion: At the end of each semester-long program, participants receive an ACE MV Career Explorations Certificate of Completion, useful for resume-building and making connections with potential employers.

Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning style in which a group of individuals advances through a shared set of industry or interest-specific educational programs together.

Cohort-based programs provide opportunities for learner collaboration, support, structure, perspective, and networking. These community-building components are often absent in traditional remote learning experiences.

Each cohort program is built around a community of practice; a gathering of students engaged in similar fields of study, with related but individualized educational and professional goals. Cohorts are typically limited to 10-12 students, ensuring personalized attention and community support.

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