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Target completion date: April 3

This is a non-interactive self-study course. The course is comprised of two sections with all content presented in both audio and text version.

Section 1 describes a framework for multicultural competency along with a review of findings of social worker perspectives on how they developed their own competence, a process equally applicable to all mental health professionals.

Section 2 provides information on challenges faced by certain sub-populations including African American women, persons with disabilities, and LBGQTI+ persons, all populations mental health professionals frequently interact with. Specific guidance for how to conceptualize and interact therapeutically with such persons is provided by experts in their respective fields.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the components of the integrative model of multicultural responsiveness
  • Explain how the strengths and vulnerabilities of the African American female client can guide assessment and treatment
  • Analyze the unique issues involved in treating clients with disabilities (e.g., assessing for discrimination and abuse, helping with empowerment, and avoiding common diagnostic errors)
  • Discuss the unmet mental health and addiction needs of members of the LGBTIQ+ communities, the barriers of access to treatment, specific interventions, and future directions in research

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Diversity & Cultural Competence

4 CE credits - for Clinicians only

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