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Confidentiality & Privacy NEW DATE: May 2

MV Community Services - IWYC Conference Room

DATE CHANGE: THURSDAY May 2, 9AM-12PM ONLY FOR CLINICIANS & CLINICAL BUSINESS STAFF who manage protected behavioral health information Location: IWYC Conference Room AND on Zoom CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE ZOOM MEETING Instructor: Beth Folcarelli Unlock the key to trust and ethical practice in counseling with this training on Confidentiality & Privacy. Delve into the intricacies of maintaining client confidentiality while navigating the legal and ethical landscape of counseling professions. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to uphold privacy standards, build a foundation of trust with clients, and navigate the delicate balance between openness and confidentiality. Elevate [...]


Diversity & Cultural Competence for Mental Health Professionals


4 CE CREDITS (FOR CLINICIANS) 0 CE CREDITS (FOR PARAPROFESSIONALS) Target completion date: April 3 This is a non-interactive self-study course. The course is comprised of two sections with all content presented in both audio and text version. Section 1 describes a framework for multicultural competency along with a review of findings of social worker perspectives on how they developed their own competence, a process equally applicable to all mental health professionals. Section 2 provides information on challenges faced by certain sub-populations including African American women, persons with disabilities, and LBGQTI+ persons, all populations mental health professionals frequently interact with. Specific [...]