As you may be seeing in the news, several schools across the state have opted to close for varying lengths of time due to concerns around COVID-19. We hold most of our classes at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, and as of now (March 12) the school remains open. However, should the school district decide to close, many of our classes will have to be cancelled/postponed. We are currently looking into holding virtual classes and will update you as soon we have procedures in place.

In the meantime, ACE MV is ensuring that all classrooms and surfaces are disinfected thoroughly and that teachers are advised of preventative measures. We are strongly suggesting that all students and faculty take precautions as outlined by the CDC: wipe down surfaces, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and most importantly, STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK.

If you registered for a current or upcoming course but are not feeling well, have a compromised immune system or underlying health conditions, or have concerns about public gatherings, please contact us at or 508-693-9222.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS AS OF 3/12/20: Excel I & II, Instagram.
STILL ON AS OF 3/12/20: ServSafe March 14 & 21; Fertilizer Licensure March 21