ACE MV Offshore Wind Outreach Coordinator

Job description

Position details: This is a grant-funded, part-time (25 hours/week), year-round, 24-month position beginning immediately and ending July 31, 2023. This position reports to the Executive Director; work is in-person (not remote). Pay is $25 per hour.

To apply, please EMAIL your resume, cover letter and references to

Required qualifications:

  • 2-5 years experience in public service, marketing, public speaking, and/or project management
  • Excellent written and verbal communication with an eye for detail
  • Ability to connect and communicate with diverse populations including with those from a variety of ethnic, economic, cultural, racial, and gender backgrounds and identities
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills, ability to multitask
  • Interest in supporting girls and women in economics, culture, and STEM programming and careers
  • Computer proficiency; familiar with spreadsheet software

Preferred qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Bilingual in English and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Familiarity with Martha’s Vineyard, its towns, populations, schools, residents, and needs
  • Familiar with Google products, Microsoft products, Asana, Canva, Mailchimp
  • Familiar with social media and messaging apps

Project Vision:

ACE MV proposes to launch an outreach project dedicated to increasing the numbers of women and girls in offshore wind (OSW) training and education.

In January 2020, ACE MV (Adult & Continuing Education of Martha’s Vineyard) launched a new and innovative training program to certify Offshore Wind Turbine Technicians. While the program has been successful, extra concerted efforts to recruit girls and women into the training program will not only strengthen the momentum of the offshore wind industry in southeastern Massachusetts but will ultimately advance long-term sustainability of OSW training and employment of this key demographic.

Martha’s Vineyard represents a vital region of training and employment due to its geographical position as a “hub” for OSW vessels, crews and technicians accessing the new wind farms and leases just 14 miles south of the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. Because there is no college or university on the Island (with a year-round population now estimated at 20,000-22,000 post-Covid), ACE MV has partnered with Bristol Community College, Vineyard Power Cooperative, and Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) to bring a 23-credit Offshore Wind Turbine Technician Certificate opportunity to Vineyard residents.

By dedicating outreach to women and girls, ACE MV will work to reach talented individuals interested in/already employed in sciences, trades, automotive, marine, and technical careers, as well as in all of the Vineyard’s underserved communities and populations, including but not limited to: Wampanoag Tribal members, Portuguese-speaking Brazilians, African Americans, unemployed/underemployed, and veterans.

By also dedicating outreach to high school students with an emphasis on girls, ACE MV will develop a foundation upon which both local high schools (MVRHS and MV Public Charter School) will create career pathways and dual-enrollment opportunities for certificate programs in offshore wind. We anticipate this outreach will build engagement with our educational programming for men, as well, strengthening our cohorts for the benefit of all.

Our vision for increasing women’s training and employment in offshore wind is that:

  • Girls and women on Martha’s Vineyard see offshore wind and renewable energy careers as exciting, accessible, safe, achievable, and rewarding
  • Girls and women enter our OSW training and educational programs with vigor and commitment
  • Vineyard employers, and men in general, view women as valuable experts, essential colleagues, and leaders in the offshore wind and renewable energy industries
  • Women excel in the broader Vineyard employment community—with women holding high-wage, technical, credentialed, and senior leadership positions within the regional OSW industry
  • The success of girls and women in OSW and renewable energy industries extends to all cultural and racial populations on Martha’s Vineyard, including Wampanoag, Portuguese-speaking Brazilian, veteran, Black, and LGBT+ community.

Offshore Wind Outreach Coordinator Job Description


  • Serve as ACE MV community liaison and represent ACE MV and its partners with integrity and inclusion; network with women, youth, cultural & ethnic groups to increase awareness of and enrollment in ACE MV’s offshore wind certificate program
  • Manage and conduct all Vineyard community outreach and promotion to identified target groups (women and/or minorities), manage and conduct marketing efforts to local media, collect data, make presentations, schedule and conduct listening sessions and focus groups, evaluate and conduct follow-up, establish relationships with high school and middle school staff and leaders, work with Operations Manager to record and allocate student funding requests, recruit new wind students to certificate program, provide supports to existing students, work with ED to meet diversity needs and gaps, track data for strategic evaluation and reporting.

Specific Tasks:

Develop and Launch a New Program for Girls at Both Local High Schools

    • Partner with both high schools to establish parameters, identify leaders, and develop programming materials for a new STEM club (open to all freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors with an emphasis on girls).
    • Arrange and facilitate field trips for HS students once per semester:
    • Schedule and host monthly extra-curricular STEM club
    • Provide strong monthly resources and programming, introducing HS girls to videos, webinars, in-person lectures, demonstrations and workshops

Conduct Outreach to Women in Compatible Professions to increase female student enrollment.

    • Develop a marketing plan that:
      • Engages local media to highlight opportunities for women in the OWTC program
      • Identifies local compatible professions, employers, and individuals
      • Deliver targeted advertising to these populations:
        • women working in ecology, biology, marine/maritime, conservation, fishermen and women, shell-fishing, boating
        • women in IT, computer technology, automotive and engineering professions
        • middle-aged women and career-interrupted mothers
        • businesswomen through MV Chamber of Commerce
        • Social networks: League of Women Voters, MV Women’s Network
        • Host at least one (1) listening session, focus group and/or open house for each of these populations per semester

Network With and Provide Outreach To Vineyard Cultural & Ethnic Groups

  • Identify key contacts within each cultural group or population
  • African American
  • Wampanoag Tribal Members
  • Portuguese-speaking Brazilian community
  • Veterans
  • LGBQ+
  • Unemployed/underemployed
  • Schedule at least one (1) event (listening session, focus group or open house) per semester per group

Empower Enrolled Cohort Students with Financial Barrier Reductions (see details in proposal regarding scholarships, childcare costs, public transportation costs, and lack of high school diploma):

  • Organize funding requests and work closely with Operations Manager to record and report funding allocations

Provide a Rich Learning Environment for Cohort Students through cohort supports and life and career skill development:

    • Develop and facilitate professional memberships for certificate students
    • Develop and facilitate meaningful long-term mentorships with OSW experts
    • Arrange and Facilitate Field Trips for enrolled students (combined w/HS students):
    • Host Mock Interview Practice for students in their last semester of the certificate
    • Provide Application Support to Special Scholarship Opportunities
    • Introduce and facilitate an Orientation for new Wind students prior to the beginning of Cohort Launch; this could be for the entire cohort or for the women students if the cohort is large. (Or, arrange to bring Bristol staff to provide orientation.) Provide activities that:
      • foster positive communications
      • develop peer relationships
      • develop study plans
      • enhance long-term colleague networking
  • Work with Program Coordinator and Career Navigation Specialist to develop and Provide Free Classes to cohort students (classes will be open to all with special emphasis on women and minorities):
    • Financial Literacy
    • Professional Communication
    • Teambuilding
  • Facilitate Mentorships by Post-Certificate Graduates
    • Prepare cohort graduates to speak to Island middle and high school students
    • Offer cohort graduate mentorship opportunities to STEM club members

Develop an Archive/Library of Videos and Photographs of girls and women succeeding in STEM and OSW careers (both on-Island and off)

    1. Hire a contracted photographer for special events (Open Houses, classes, focus groups, graduation parties, field trips)
    2. Document the Vineyard and regional process of training for the new OSW workforce
    3. Update the ACE MV website and support the MVRHS/MVPCS websites with photo resources

Other activities, tasks, projects, and deliverables as deemed appropriate

To apply, please EMAIL your resume, cover letter and references to

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